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Season schedule update

Hello Stingrays,

We will not be holding our Dry Land and Skills Assessment event on Apr. 26.

We anticipate the earliest we will be able to start our season will be May 3 if the Harris County restriction on public pools is lifted.

The league reps. from each team in…

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Sponsorship Contest !!

Win a Reserved Parking Spot at One of the Home Meets!

We're awarding a reserved parking spot in the pool parking lot to the top 2 families who bring new sponsors for 2020 at one of our home meets As a non-profit organization, our summer league is funded heavily…
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Stingrays Swim Team Registration is Open!

Visit or to learn more  and register for the 2020 season! 

You may start the process from either site, just follow the links.

Families of swimmers through 14 yrs. old must have a family stockholding membership to SORA in order for their kids to be on the team…

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Meeting Sun. Feb. 9 - Forming our Committee ; Season Kick Off

Hello Stingrays!

Now that football season is over, we will jump straight to swimming!

Yes, it's that time to meet and form our governing Committee and start planning our 2020 season. Sun. Feb. 9 - 4:00pm at the pool.

Yes, we start early because there are many things to talk…

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YMCA participation restriction lifted ; MSBSC eligibility

Please read you email and Stingray Facebook page regarding this revision in the league policy. The USA club swimming restriction after Mar.8 remains the same.
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YMCA participation restriction lifted ; MSBSC eligibility

Hello Stingrays,

There has been a change in the league policy regarding participation in YMCA swimming programs while swimming summer league this year.

There is no restriction on swimmers who may want to swim in both programs at the same time.

With this being said, we encourage any swimmers that…

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Important notice about USA club swimming

Hello Stingrays!

Yes, it's winter, but we will be swimming before you know it!

Important reminder if your child is participating right now in any USA or Y-USA affiliated club swimming program (Dad's Club, YMCA, U of H, etc.)

Our summer league rules require that a swimmer must not participate…

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Swim meet at Wilchester tomorrow - things to know

Thursday night we will be visiting Wilchester.

Heat sheets will come out tomorrow. Half lappers will not travel to this away meet.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Sportsmanship - the "Stingray Way"  ; let's make it happen
  2. Alcohol Policy - MSBSC league rules have a "No Alcohol" policy…
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Important - Declare attendance for your swimmer for the first meet

Please check your emails for instructions to declare attendance for this Monday's meet. Or go to Stingrays SwimTopia, log in and click on Meet Entry.
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Important - Declare attendance for your swimmers Monday June 10 meet

Reminder to log into our Swimtopia web page and declare "attending" or "not attending" for this Monday's swim meet.

Here are the steps:

  1. Home Page
  2. Calendar 
  3. Swimmer Meet Attendance
  4. Next
  5. June 10 - Nott. Forest @ SB Stingrays
  6. Meet Entry - Open
  7. Edit
  8. Swimmer's name - select attending or not…
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